Organizations need funding to survive. Securing grant funding is a great way to advance your mission while also sharing the news of the award with your clients and customers. At Rhythm Communications we are proud to have helped our clients apply for and win over $2 million dollars in committed funds.

From federal, state, private organization, or foundation grants they all provide different opportunities to amplify the award beyond the dollars. An awarded grant validates the work you are doing, highlights a project or initiative you are creating, or ties your name to a larger brand that awards it.

One recommendation when considering grant applications is to go for quality vs. quantity. There is no shortage of opportunities for organizations to apply to. Finding an application that really fits what you provide and taking the time to craft well composed answers for the applications instead of just trying to apply to as many grants as quickly as possible.

Our clients have had a record breaking year. We are honored to be able to highlight some of the accomplishments of our 2021 grant winners.

As we move into a new year and new funding opportunities become available, let’s talk about how Rhythm can help you advance your goals through grant opportunities.

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