Should Brands Utilize a Celebrity Endorser


How can your brand cut through the clutter?

Celebrities help brands reach a much larger audience by capitalizing on the awareness their star status brings through their instant name recognition and social media reach. When a celebrity signs with a brand or product, it provides an instant element of legitimacy, simply because of the power of the name backing it up.

Several of our clients have chosen this path, including:

  • Barberitos partnering with David Pollack due to his popularity in the college football crazed south to promote their healthy lifestyle menu.

  • Trulieve Cannabis Corp. is partnering with Champ Bailey to lead its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts, because of the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s passion for social justice.

  • Sports Turf is utilizing UGA legend Rennie Curran as its spokesperson to serve as a host for a television interview segment to air during high school football games.

What are some of the benefits for the brand:

  • Build brand equity

  • Help improve recall

  • Make people believe the product contributes to superstar status

  • Stand out

  • Builds credibility

  • Makes your brand stand

  • Opens up new markets

Interested in learning more about how to capitalize on a celebrity partnership or simply wanting to explore the options available for your brand? Reach out to Rhythm and let’s explore together.



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