Dear friends of Rhythm Communications,

As we ‘Fall’ into the holiday season, it is a perfect time to get into the ‘Rhythm’ of 2024 with evaluating your marketing plans and positioning. The Rhythm team books quarter-day sessions to spend a bit of time determining where you are and where you may want to evolve your brand to keep up with pace of the marketplace…followed by a little celebratory holiday breakfast or lunch. We host these throughout November and early December.

The outcome of these events is a series of recommendations and projects that allow you to come out with a bold new look, a new story, a new campaign or enhancements to existing marketing programs.

It would be a bright light in our holiday season if you would take us up on this special offer. If you wish to do so, please contact me directly and we will get your advisory session scheduled.


Amy Parrish
CMO Rhythm Communications or (404) 310-6559

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