Are You Ready for 2022?

2021 has been memorable. And as we try to breathe and regroup with our families and friends during the holidays, we are probably all Thankful for the successes of the year, while thinking about what to plan for in 2022. Rhythm Communications is here to help you with your strategic marketing plans in these remaining days of the year. If you are already a client, please book your planning day with us as soon as possible. And if you are not a current client but could use some assistance with planning or campaign creative, we are standing by to help. Below are some considerations for successful marketing campaigns in 2022:

  • Public Relations campaigns supported by respected celebrities who are aligned with your brand attributes and can credibly endorse your product or service.
  • Integrated Marketing events that impact change or community improvement.
  • Assist non-profit organizations by donating your products, services, manpower or funding and help promote their worthy causes. Or assist non-profits through sponsorship or development and funding of grants.
  • Further invest in Digital Marketing techniques and tools that allow you to better communicate one-on-one with your targeted audiences.
  • Host Hybrid events allowing for in-person and virtual attendance, as the continued health risks will require virtual experience options.
  • Leverage social media to create intimate relationships.

If you want to discuss your plans and opportunities in 2022 directly before booking a formal planning session, please contact Amy Parrish, CMO directly at We look forward to serving your needs.

Rhythm Communications has been recognized as one of Top 10 PR Firms in Atlanta by DesignRush!



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