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We provide strategic solutions, as well as the implementation, for your public relations and marketing communications needs.  

Case Studies

We are only as good as our client’s successes.  We take pride in singing their praises.  We perform so that they reap results. 

Mill Town Music Hall

In 2012, Rhythm supported Mill Town Music Hall with its initial branding and launch events. Since then, we’ve planned and promoted an average of 24-30 concerts and events per year. The venue has received recognition by the State of Georgia as the state’s top ‘Family-Friendly Performance Venue.’

In addition to driving attendance, we have enhanced the consumer experience by developing and leading a number of experiential programs. Those include but are not limited to:

  • Managed Meet & Greet program with the artist
  • Organized FAM Tour with the GA Department of Tourism
  • Created Georgia Sing Off Competition for young artists (introduced breakthrough artist Caleb Lee Hutchinson – American Idol runner-up)
  • ‘Warm Up, Close & Personal’ for specific artists
  • Organized Harold Shedd Tribute (Honored Country Music legend who produced hundreds of superstars. Red carpet arrival and performers included Toby Keith, Alabama, Kentucky Headhunters and more)
  • Developed Atlanta and Nashville Press Tours
  • Created sponsor-driven rising artist program to perform in the back of a pickup truck at venue as pre-show entertainment

Mill Town Music Hall has been recognized in numerous Georgia TV stations, country radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Additionally, the venue has been recognized on Alabama TV and radio, as Anniston and Birmingham are feeder markets and draw a significant traveling crowd. Nationally, Mill Town Music Hall has been recognized in national music magazines, NBC, and on both The Voice and American Idol.

General Mills Celebrity Signings

Sam’s Club grand openings are exciting times for any community. They are even more eventful when you can meet your favorite ‘Wheaties’ box athlete face to face. For years, Rhythm has managed General Mills’ store channel program for Sam’s Club by securing celebrity athletes, managing all aspects of the consumer meet & greets, and promoting these events via PR and social media outreach. These local appearances fuel the excitement for the new store in these communities and helped generate awareness of the General Mills products at the store.

Sports Turf Company and Rhythm Communications
Score Big at The Corky Kell Classic

Sports Turf Company, a sports facility construction and specialty surfacing company, partnered with Rhythm Communications to announce its breakthrough playing field solution that raises the bar for performance, safety, playability and durability of artificial turf fields. Building cooler and safer fields is the most important investment a school or community can make to keep athletes safe. To create a sense of urgency around this breakthrough solution, education was necessary. Sports Turf knew that the marketing team needed a platform where they could simultaneously educate school system administrators, athletic directors, coaches, athletes and their parents.

The Corky Kell Classic is a televised, annual kickoff for Georgia High School football that attracts the top teams across the state with more than 30,000 fans attending games spread across three days. Rhythm created a cost-effective integrated campaign to maximize the Sports Turf sponsorship. The campaign combined TV advertising, digital signage, social media, public relations, content marketing, event marketing and more. While Sports Turf was not in the top sponsorship position, they certainly appeared to be and were able to gain significant traction and attention to the firm’s new solution.

Ways that we impacted the experience include:

  • Corky Kell Classic Pre-Competition Luncheons – These two events recognized the state’s top athletes and coaches. We introduced and live streamed a Green Carpet Walk with ‘celebrity interviews.’ The carpet emulated the new field solution and drew attention of the coaches and the athletes to the unique look and feel. The Sports Turf brand and solution were then reinforced by email campaigns with photos and videos of the ‘celebrities’ that we interviewed at the event.
  • CBS Sports Gameday TV set – We redesigned the set by surrounding the broadcasters’ set with the Sports Turf field solution. The Sports Turf brand and green turf set were consistently seen on CBS for three days. In addition, the Sports Turf spokesman was interviewed live, on-set, five times per day.
  • Digital Signage – We ensured that digital signage reinforced our message across three different stadiums. The brand and the message were everywhere you turned. And these signs were consistently shown on TV. The digital signage campaign included:
    • 30-sec commercials per game on Video Message Boards, 3 stadiums (36 Total)
    • Two Digital Columns at Mercedes Benz Stadium with 30-seccommercials (20 Total)
    • Message Boards with Eight digital ads per game at all three stadiums (72 Total)
    • MBS Halo board, Rome HS video board, Coolray Field video board
    • In-stadium field level signs and TV Billboards
  • Public Relations – The campaign reinforced the new solution and spotlighting Sports Turf’s clients. The 15-20 stories in print and broadcast media led to a 48.5% increase in website impressions.

The company is reaping the rewards of the Corky Kell Classic campaign through numerous new business leads. Plus, many of Georgia’s student athletes will now play on safer and cooler fields.

Nappy Roots Music and TV Tour

The Nappy Roots Music and TV Tour is as much about the concerts as it is about the cult-following experience that is designed to captivate viewers for their upcoming TV streaming series, 40 Akers & A Brew.

Since this Hip Hop bands’ success in the early 2000s, they have been traveling more than 150 days annually. During their travels, they began frequenting microbreweries. They enjoyed the beers and conversations so much, the guys discovered a new vision for themselves: Hip Hop band turned craft brew businessmen and TV characters.

Rhythm has the pleasure of helping them develop a new brand and promoting their concerts and events in local media and through social media. While capturing their on-the-road experiences and seeing their unique interactions with local heroes for the show production, we have organically identified future show sponsors and advertisers also synergistic with the Craft Brew business ventures.

During 2020, Nappy Roots will have a brand resurgence as a Hip Hop Band, a group of streaming series actors, craft brew businessmen with products in retail and more.

Chick-fil-A Local Store Marketing Program

The Chick-fil-A chain was expanding rapidly into markets throughout the country, but the desire was to keep the feel of a local restaurant. So, we developed the Local Store Marketing (LSM) Program to support all the chain’s units across the country with public relations and marketing assistance. The goal was to help build the Chick-fil-A brand and elevate the status of the Operators as the local authority on the quick-service industry, nutrition and community involvement.

In collaboration with the internal team at Chick-fil-A, we sought to generate sustained publicity and traffic for the individual locations. We created a turn-key system to provide media relations and event support for all local level marketing initiatives. The program was made available for all Operators and Unit Marketing Directors in the network, with step-by-step instructions on to seek assistance from our team to develop ideas and generate media coverage in an effort to build lasting relationships throughout the community.

After an initial planning meeting, we drafted of a press release and sent for approval. Upon final approval, the story was aggressively pitched to the local media via phone and via social media in order to garner positive media coverage within the market. More than 700 press releases were written and pitched to the media in local markets, which resulted in more than $1,410,000 in advertising value and reached an estimated audience of more than 204 million.

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