New Hire Spotlight


Matty Ryan earned a Masters in Graphic Design from SCAD and a BA in Graphic design from the University of South Carolina. He has over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer working on a broad range of projects from print and publication design to UI/UX design. Throughout his career he has worked for an assortment of companies like Marvel Comics, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Home Depot. In 2014 he started his own digital comic book publishing platform and has been working independently as a freelance graphic designer since 2017.

Danielle Bailey is a native of Folkston, GA and has lived in the metro Atlanta area for over 20 years. She holds a BA in Sociology & Anthropology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Valdosta State University. She spent over 20 years of her professional career working in the social services sector, managing geriatric programs under the Health and Human Services umbrella. In January 2022, Danielle launched Danielle B Consulting, LLC. Her consulting clientele range in size from Champ Bailey (Pro Football HOF), UGA Football News, Bailey Companies & Investments, and Rhythm Communications to small business start-ups. At Rhythm Communications, Bailey serves as extended staff during major campaign events, assists with research and writing day-to-day and other client related administrative tasks. She has provided a variety of consulting services, specializing in event planning, public relations, strategy formulation, implementation, succession, and talent management. Danielle is also a founding partner and Executive Director of The Bailey Brothers Foundation, a youth organization founded in her hometown. The foundation provides financial and social support to youth organizations of underprivileged communities in Southeast Georgia. Danielle currently resides in Sandy Springs, GA.

Carol Xu is a third-year student majoring in Health Economics and Music at Emory University. She currently serves as a violinist in the Emory University Symphony Orchestra and has traveled all over the world to perform. In addition to her own studies, Carol has a passion for teaching. In high school, she began instructing young students and now has four years of experience working with violinists ranging from beginners to those studying advanced repertoire. Carol began her summer internship with Rhythm Communications early May and is excited to meet our extended family of clients and vendors.


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